Home Automation Companies in Pune

Pellucid provides one of the best features for home automation. You can easily add routines (timers) to operate your devices @ specific interval of time. We provide Interactive voice commands, which can be used to control your home easily. Our devices are Alexa and Google Home compatible, you can easily configure with these. We are providing new Dimension of Home Automation which will help you to save energy.

Lighting Control

We can easily control out lights with single click or voice command. Also dim the dimmable Leds, control the speed of the fan. 

Voice Control

Using simple voice commands we can easily control our home. Like "Lucy turn on/off LED"

Universal IR Magnum

This is as good as universal wifi remote. We can control our remote devices like AC, TV, Music System etc. using single Lucy app.

Cloud based control of your home

With our Lucy Hub, we provide you the cloud connectivity so that you can control it from anywhere in the world

Temperature Control

You can easily set your room temperature and relax with Lucy.

Heavy Appliance Control

Operate all your heavy appliances like Gyser/Microwave oven etc. with our Lucy Mono switch.

Alexa Compatible

We can easily configure Lucy with Alexa. We can comfortably control your home using alexa as well.

Google Home Compatible

We can easily configure Google Home with Lucy. We can comfortably control devices using Google Home Assistant.

Retrofit and Zero Down Time

Our smart home automation embedded device can be installed behind any switch board without rewiring. Even if there is a problem with your wifi network or any other issue your manual switching will always work.

Smart Home Automation Energy Saving Features.


Lucy can help you set routines (timers) to operate devices on specific time. This can be very useful feature for heavy devices like AC/Gyser etc to save energy and money.


Lucy Provides intelligence to your house by detecting motion, lights, temperatures. Based on your presence in your smart home it can turn on/off devices and save energy.


Using single click/voice command we provide you the magic to control multiple devices.