Home Automation Companies in Pune

Pellucid offers IoT based smart home automation solutions for Home, Office, Society, Hotel, Clinic, Hospital automation. We are one of the leading startup companies in Home Automation sector based in Pune. Our primary aim is to provide our customers very affordable and energy efficient smart home automation systems.

What we do

We are an IOT organization based in Pune which deals majorly in smart home automation profile. We do end to end design/development of our smart home products. We also do the sells and provide services to our customers.

@Pellucid, we have transparent culture which help us in building quality relationship with customers, business partners and colleagues. We believe in bringing ease and extra comfort to your life through our wide range of smart home automation products. Our primary vision is to provide hassle free as well as luxurious lifestyle to all our customers. We achieve this with our integrated embedded IoT solutions.

Besides this Pellucid also provides customized IoT based smart solutions for Office/Society/Clinic/Hospital/Hotels automation.Our Product name is Lucy aka Limitless. With Lucy we aim to give limitless intelligence to our customer 's home/office.


How we do

We are group of professionals expertise in IoT/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence. Primarily focused on high quality IoT base smart home automation solutions. finding energy efficient solutions. Our Techno Savoy Research and Development team is continuously working on designing and developing such integrated iot products. Our quality assurance is one of the best in the IoT industry.  

Our smart home Product  Lucy  is best in the home automation segment. Our products are Designed, Developed & Made in India. Our service is one of the best in the Home Automation sector. Our company is  very much committed towards creating strong smart home automation profile.

Energy saving is the National need nowadays. Our smart home products are very much designed and developed giving primary consideration to Luxury with energy saving.


Our Clients