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Home Automation Companies in Pune

Iot based Smart Home Automation Products

Lucy provides cloud based smart home automation products to control devices from anywhere in the world. Lucy is the combination of embedded IoT devices and mobile app. All these device sizes are retrofit and which don't require any rewiring in your home. Besides this it also is compatible with any type of switch board. Also is compatible with all brands of lights/fans/ac/tv etc. All the smart home Lucy devices are based on IOT technology. It uses Wifi 2.4Ghz latest technology to control the appliances in your home.

Home Automation Companies in Wakad Hinjewadi Pimpri Chinchwad Pune

Lucy Switch Controller: This is our IOT based smart home automation product. It is a master mind for all Pellucid smart home products. And it executes all complex algorithms based on the commands received from Lucy smart app. Besides this it also acts as WiFi server and interacts with all the switches/sensors to communicate with appliances. Because Lucy Switch controller can be easily retrofitted into your switch board, it does not require any extra rewiring for the installation. It comes in multiple variants 2/4/6 channels.


Home Automation Companies in Wakad Hinjewadi Pune Pimpri Chinchwad

Lucy IR Magnum: It acts as a Universal wifi remote. You can easily control your ac temperature/change the mode of ac. Also it helps us to change TV channels/DTH channels/Change music volume.

Use case - Imagine you have your friends at home and you want party. 

Lucy will easily do that for you. You just need to say "Lucy turn on Party mode". It will start your party lights/music system etc.

Home Automation Company in Wakad Hinjewadi Pune Pimpri Chinchwad

Lucy Hub:  It can control your home devices from anywhere in the world over the internet. Hub communicates with your home using cutting edge cloud based technology.

Use case - Imagine you are coming back from office after a hectic day and you want your room to cool once you reach your home.

Dont worry, Just open the Lucy app and give a command "I am coming to home in some time" and once you reach your home you will find your room cool.

Home Automation Company in Wakad Hinjewadi Pune Pimpri Chinchwad

Lucy Mono Switch: It is used to control your heavy load devices like Gyser/Fridge/Stepper Motor/Microwave oven etc.

Use Case - Imagine you have a very tight morning schedule to reach office on time

Lucy will simply set the routine (timer) to your Gyser. Your gyser automatically start in the  morning for 20-25 mins and make hot water for your bath. 

Home Automation Company in Wakad Hinjewad Pune Pimpri Chinchwad

Lucy Detector: This smart device senses the human body, daylight and temperature of  your room/home/office. It performs the action accordingly. Lucy detectors can save you lot of wasted energy and money.

Use Case - Imagine you have everything on in your room like AC/TV/Lights etc. And you have to urgently go out for some work and forgot to turn off these things.

Dont worry Lucy Detector will senses the human body/ presence if nobody found out for 5-7 mins it will turn off everything for you. Lot of energy will be saved in this case.

Single command multiple actions.


Home Automation Company in Wakad Hinjewadi Pune Pimpri Chinchwad


Sets the timers for your devices to trun on or off.


The App


Lucy app is very much user friendly. It allows to routinize (set timer) to multiple device operations at predefined time to ease your lifestyle. It gives option to create interactive and intelligent profiles (moods) to operate on single click/voice command. Lucy app allows us to control device using simple voice commands like "Lucy turn on/off lights".

Imagine saying “Hi Lucy! I’m home” on your app as you enter your home. And Lucy does it all for you; like turns on your front porch, living room lights, starts AC to warm/cool your living area, plays your favorite music throughout the house and so on..


Imagine saying “Good night Lucy” to turn off lights …

You can manage all these by simply adding routines and profiles. The only limit is your imagination to manage your day-to-day activities conveniently.

Besides this Lucy offers very easy to use smart home automation app for any age group stating from children to senior citizens. For more features you can visit Features section.